Thursday, September 06, 2007

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"Summer Corn"
Painting A Day - Collectible Fine Art Still Life
Oil on gessoed canvas - 6"x 8"

"One of the things I look forward to in the late
summer, is the great Ohio corn. Found this
farmer's basket full of a fresh supply. It looked so
tantalizing and colorful, I had to take some home."

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JMahorney said...

Beautiful painting. You captured the values of the light so well and the color in the halftones are beautiful. great work.

linda said...

Hey there, Thanks! Glad you like this one. I liked how this one came out. I think I have decided that I really like orange colors. I will go to visit your blog and leave you a comment. Hope you visit again soon. Linda

Don Gray said...

All your work has this great clarity and solidity. And an underlying sense of humor and joy.

linda said...

Hey Don,
Thanks for the wonderful compliment. So glad you find humor and joy in the work...I have always felt that life can always use more humor. It certainly makes my day worth while. Thanks again, hope you come to get a smile for the day and say hello.