Friday, September 07, 2007

"Flowers for Sale" - SOLD

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Painting A Day - Sept. 7, 2007
Contemporary Fine Art Figurative
Oil on gessoed canvas - 6"x 6"

"I have been going to our local street market, open
on Saturday mornings. The farmers of the sur-
rounding area bring their products to sell. This is
definitely one of my favorite booths. His flowers are
the brightest and he is always so cheerful. He sells
his colorful flowers to all and the smiles are free."


malamik said...

I love your color! I love the sweet simplicity of your compositions...Very appealing.
Thanks for letting me be nosey...Be well.

linda said...

You can be nosey any time you want! Very nice of you to come for a visit...and thanks for such nice comments. Glad you like them. Email anytime.