Wednesday, September 12, 2007

The Mighty Golf Ball

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"Mighty Golf Ball " - Golf Ball#2 - Available

Painting A Day - Contemporary Fine Art Landscape Still Life
Oil on 1.5" wrapped canvas - 5"x 7"

"This is the second piece for all the golfers.
In both pieces I wanted to give, what you might call, a
worm's eye view, of the common golf ball. One could
even go so far as to say...It's the early bird that gets
the ball! Well, maybe that's a bit too corny, still...?
Makes me think of that old Chevy Chase movie...with
him on the golf course...and that groundhog...Darn,
can't remember the title. Maybe someone out there
remembers. You can tell I'm in a goofy mood today...

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