Thursday, September 27, 2007

BLACK CAT .... Halloween Art #2

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"The ol' Cat & Mouse " - sold
Painting A Day - September 27, 2007
contemporary fine art- cat portrait, Halloween art, mouse
Oil on wrapped canvas - 6"x 6"

"Here is the second of Halloween pieces that have been
me, Ooooooo.
Here is the black cat again, the favorite companion of any great witch.
Although the witch is off on her broom somewhere, the

cat looks like it has found some entertainment."


Mickey said...

I LOVE YOUR CAT paintings.........especially, THE CAT & MOUSE!!!

What gorgeous and REALISTIC eyes and the colors....oh my! You are a grand artist, Miss Linda Apple!!!!!!!

Thanks for sending the emails,Take care.

Dana Marie said...

Beautiful piece! I don't think I've wanted to hold a mouse so bad before. ;) lol That little mouse is just too cute!

The cat's eyes are those greens!

~ Dana Marie

Debbie Miller said...

OOOH these are special. what great cards they would be or prints.

linda said...

Hi Dana,
Gee thanks...Glad you like them. After I finished it, I thought the mouse came out kind of cute too. These Halloween ideas have been really fun to do. I have one more, just finished that I am going to put up on Monday. I think it is the best one (at least my fav. Hope you check back in to see what you think. Very mysterious....Wondering how you found me...Thanks for your gracious comments. Hope to hear from you again. Linda

linda said...

Oh thanks.I wasn't sure how my ideas would turn out until I finished them. After they were done, I also thought of cards and prints. Don't know if I can get cards together but I am thinking of having some prints done. My favorite is the last one...going to upload it on Monday morning. Hope you will check it out and let me know what you think. I have been to your blog many times, love your beach scenes...what a great place to live. Linda