Thursday, May 22, 2008

Shadow Cafe

Copyright © 2008 Linda Apple

"Self Portrait"- sold
Collectible Fine Art - oil on canvas - 6"x 6"
A painting A Day - contemporary realism,cafe shadows, city scene

"Yep, a self portrait. Actually, I haven't done a self portrait since
the early 70's. So,this is me standing at a local coffee shop. Do we
want to get philosophical about it? Oh, why not. In this world today,
talking to people around the world through the internet, making friends
in distant places and all the time never actually seeing the real person...
I create my paintings, put them online and I say to myself, it is the work that
really matters."

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David Lubetsky said...

Nice painting!

Linda Apple said...

Hey there David,
Thanks for the comments. Glad you enjoyed this one. Hope to hear from you again.

Zack Thurmond said...

Amazing, Linda! Well done.