Friday, May 16, 2008

The Famous Tea Party

Copyright © 2008 Linda Apple

"The Tea Party"- - original painting is sold
 6"x 8"
The Mother's Day weekend gave me a little bit of extra time to research more of the Appletree Secret Albums and present this information from 1818.
Abigale Patch (on the right), one of Bertrum’s many sisters, is shown here with her childhood friend Flora Hamstark. This image comes as no surprise to me after finding out that Abigale became quite reknown, after she was awarded a beautiful tea set for winning the very first baby contest ever recorded. There is much more written about Abigale, that I will reveal later on, as she was involved in the underground movement in 1834.
Her friend Flora, ran off with a band of gypsies that came up the Ohio River around 1830, after falling in love with their fortune teller. She was fascinated with the profession and later formed the secret group known as the “Whiskered Wizards”."

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