Tuesday, November 14, 2006

" Tea Cup Fairies " - SOLD
A Painting A Day - Nov.14, 2006


8 x 10" - mixed media on canvas
10 x 12" - comes in a primitive style frame

"I have created collage work since the sixties and recently did
a series of fun pieces that I decided to post.
This one is my perception of Tea Cup Fairies sitting on their
over stuffed couch in their make believe forest. They are wearing
the tea cups on their heads and have little butterfly looking wings.
An ancient urn contains some red cloth flowers that
come out over the frame."

I paint the canvas and then add images, objects, cloth etc.


June Parrish Cookson said...

Hi Linda,
Wonderful whimsical piece. I love collage and have done a little of it in the past. Would like to do some more when time permits. This looks like it took quite a lot of time. Really love the colors and your idea of teacups as hats! Very creative.

linda said...

Hi June,
Glad you like this one. My "warped" sense of humor seems to come out when I do collage. Yes, this was a bit time consuming (can't seem to do anything simple..LOL) but I love combining lots of mediums. The idea came as a play on all the doll makers that make little fairies that sit in teacups. So glad you stopped by and left your comment....Hope to hear from you again! Linda