Monday, November 06, 2006

"Old Maytag Oil Can" - SOLD

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A Painting A Day - Nov.6, 2006
This painting was dark, so I put a white border behind
it so it would show up on this blog, original does not have
white around it.

4 x 6 inches -
oil on masonite

"This is a little old Maytag Oil Can, made in
Newton, Iowa that I found in my mom and dads'
old shed a few years ago. I am sure dad never
thought of it as an antique collectible, it was
just one of his old oil cans that he knew he
would use for something, someday. He would of
thought it funny that I would do a painting of it."


carolyn baker said...

Your art work is beautiful. I know, since I have seen some of them in person, how hard it is to choose among them. "Fairy Garden", "Birthday Party"
and "Tea Cup Fairies" are amazing with all of the details and fun; however, my very favorite is "Old Maytag Oil Can" reminds me so much of my Grandfather's "workshop shelf" from 55 years ago and he was 70 at that time. Such wonderful memories in one beautiful art piece.
Thank you, Linda, for your art.
carolyn baker

linda said...

I know what you mean about the oil can. I remember this one sitting in my dads work stufffor many years. Funny how the little things can touch the memories. Thanks for visiting....
hope you come back again and leave your thoughts...Linda