Tuesday, November 25, 2014

RABBIT carrots assemblage mixed media collage shadow box original art

Copyright © Linda Apple

"Only Carrots" - sold
5.25" x 7.25" x 2" Shadow Box Art

Being a very smart little boy that did not like onions.
Text in piece reads:
" He was clearly trying to find new ways to not eat onions "

A shadow box collage / assemblage. Contains vintage pics, wooden
letter blocks and a handmade cloth stuffed carrot !
Sealed in wood box frame behind glass. There is a hook on back for hanging or it can sit on a shelf or table. Recycled materials. A unique one of a kind~


Susan McMahon said...

Ooh! I love it! Pure Apple magic.

Linda Apple said...

Hey gal,
Great to see you on my blog!! This one was really fun....made me chuckle too :) It sold this morning... woohoo!! Happy Holidays to ya~ MISSING YOU :)