Thursday, January 06, 2011

Afternoon Delight - SUN ART - CBS Sunday Morning

 Copyright © 2011 Linda Apple

"What's for Lunch?"
oil on canvas
Sun Art - Still Life 

The New Year has arrived...and with it comes a new
CBS Sunday Morning SUN ART challenge painting.
Possibly a chef's delight?
I was actually thinking of a picnic on a sunny day.


Gwen Bell said...

Another brilliantly imaginative Sun Art Painting! This one is a shoe in to be chosen by the show.

Linda Apple said...

Hi Gwen,
Geeeeeeee, I sure hope they show it! Was sure fun when they showed the other one..... something to look forward too! :)

Anonymous said...

1) When you submit work to CBS Sunday you just send them a good quality color print? I looked at their website and saw the name/address for where to send it.
2) Do they tell you they are going to use it, or do you just have to watch and find out?

Linda Apple said...

I just send a high res. digital on a CD. No, they do not ever tell never know when or if they use it.