Wednesday, July 21, 2010

Still Life with Cat - CAT NAP

 Copyright © 2009 Linda Apple

"Cat Naps #1"
oil on canvas
11"x14" - sold
Retro Vintage Still Life Series


I have a very special painting for you today.
A larger and much more complex still life with animals and
of course a bit of humor. There is a lot to see in this one.
I really enjoy doing this type of painting but they also
take quite a lot longer to complete. I think one of the
hardest parts is coming up with the idea but for those of
you that have ever had a cat will know that they will
sleep just about anywhere! :)

Here are some of the book titles:
Cat Burglars
Cat Dracula
Great Cats of the World
Cat of Nine Tails
Hunch Cat of Notre Dame
and more


Linda Popple said...

This painting really brought smiles! You are so clever and creative and this painting shows it! I love it!!

original art said...

fab painting, great work.

Linda Apple said...

Hey Linda,
So happy to give you a chuckle or two!!!

RUDHI - Chance said...

Love your Still-Lifes!