Tuesday, March 09, 2010

Tools of the Trade - artist paint brushes

Copyright © 2010 Linda Apple

"Tools of the Trade" - sold
oil on 1.5" deep canvas

After painting for over 40 years, I have purchased more
of these than I would ever like to think about. I still
have some brushes that are at least 20+ years that have
become old friends.
I can always seem to find a use for them,even when they
are worn out. I get very attached to them and unless
they are completely fallen into pieces,which is rare,
I never seem to throw them out.


Linda said...

Nice painting! I always like to see brushes, paints, and other tools.

Ellen said...

Don't you jut love the look and the smell and the feel of them? I even like them displayed. They are wonderful to just look at.

These look terrific!

Linda Apple said...

Hi Linda,Yeah, those brushes!!can't seem to part with them...... THANKS!

Linda Apple said...

Ellen,I agree......I even had someone email me about wanting to buy my paint palette........ :))