Thursday, March 11, 2010

CBS Sunday Morning Sun - women artists

  Copyright © 2010 Linda Apple
"Women Artists"

oil on 1.5" deep canvas

I am sure this will ring a bell with you if you are a fan,like I am,
of the CBS Sunday morning Many of the sun images that are
shown for the different segments are sent in by viewers. I decided to
participate with a group of fellow artists to create one. They will
be sent to the program in hopes that they will choose one to air on
the show.
This is my sun created as a tribute to all the amazing women artists
around the world.Since the brush is one of our most important tools
and I go through a LOT of them.......
they definitely make my rays of sunshine!


Linda said...

Fantastic!! Love the concept and the bright colors!!

janis McCarty said...

I love your CBS Morning Sun. I hope they use it on the program. I have always wished they would publish a book with all of their wonderfully creative suns. Good luck.

Gwen Bell said...

Fantastic concept! LOVE it!

Ellen said...

This is terrific. Those suns on Sunday Morning are always wonderful. This one is too!

Ellen said...

This is terrific! I always love those suns on Sunday Morning. This one is just wonderful.

Linda Apple said...

Linda,Thanks a bunch! :)

Linda Apple said...

I hope they show it too!!! I read a thing about the fact that many have asked about a book of the suns but they can't make one for various reasons. too bad, would be cool!

Linda Apple said...

Gwen, This idea just sort of popped into my head one morning. Was fun to do.....Thanks!

Linda Apple said...

Ellen,Thanks for the compliment.....I love the suns on the show too!