Thursday, January 21, 2010

Old Red Classic - bicycle

Copyright © 2010 Linda Apple
"Classic Red"
oil on canvas - 9"x12"- sold

This is your old classic red having a good earned rest in the sun!


Anonymous said...

Hi Linda, I have seen your work on Dailypainters and at FineArtAmerica, and just thought to drop you a line to say I enjoy your pieces especially the ones with the shadowing... composition and colors are just spot on. Well done!and continued happy painting!

Apple Fan said...

Always look forward to seeing your latest painting. I especially love the bicycles, the gallery scenes, the vintage toys... well, everything, really! The simplicity, the vibrant colors, the composition, all are perfect, and the subtle humor is completely charming. All the best to you!

Linda Apple said...

Hey Julie, Awesome........great to know that "someone" found me on FAA!! Glad you stopped by......really nice comments! THANKS!

Linda Apple said...

Apple Fan,
Gee.........what wonderful comments!! My head is getting bigger by the second! :) Great to have such an awesome FAN!!! Thanks!

cats in the window said...

mine was blue,but I love the red