Friday, January 15, 2010

Moments with Edward Hopper

Copyright © 2010 Linda Apple
"Moments with Hopper"
oil on canvas
8"x 8 "Art Museum Series

My paintings are of everyday moments and today's
painting captures that concept for me in every way.
Edward Hopper is one of my all time favorite artists because
his work captured the moments of his time. So, today's painting
is a painting of a man in the moment of viewing the Hopper's
view of his everyday moment.

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James Parker said...

Linda, I dropped by to thank you for providing the "spool of red thread" artwork for Every Photo Tells A Story. I wrote a poem to accompany it that I hope will do justice, "The Tapestry of Life". And through that thread...I am delighted to have come to your blog. Linda, your work is simply marvelous!!! I have browsed back over your blogs and have been totally enchanted...I will be back often. And..drop by my place if you get a's on.