Thursday, October 08, 2009

New Additions - Calendars

I have been working to create some 2010 Calendars for YOU.
They are all very different and could make the ideal gift
for the holiday season.
Below you will see 3 different choices. Click on the calendar or text
& it
will take you to a page to review all it's images and also
purchase info. I hope you enjoy this new addition to my work!!
Copyright © 2009 Linda Apple

#1- "Everyday Moments"
A variety of my work: Art museum,people on the street,still life& landscape.

#2- "Nostalgic Bit of Fantasy"
A variety from Appletree Hollow,imaginary still life & other flights of fancy.

#3- "Our Four-legged Friends"
Last but not least is for all my animal lovers. A mix of cat & dog portraits!

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