Thursday, October 29, 2009

Brambles - black cat portrait

oil on canvas -9"x12"
animal portrait

Meet Brambles - this is a commissioned portrait.
I was told that he had a few disagreements in
his you can see by the tattered ears!

With the Holidays arriving, my commissions have begun~
So, if you are thinking that you would like a painting
for your "special" someone now is the time to get
in touch and get on the list !

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David Larson Evans said...

Very nicely done,this painting oozes with personality.

Ellen said...

Black cats re my favorite. This one is a beauty.

Gwen Bell said...

Gorgeous...and just in time for Halloween.

net2cash said...

This is amazing portrait.I specially thanks the artist who made this portrait.The expression of all protraits are so clear.The main thing of a portrait is to clearly show the expression of the person whom the portrait is belongs too.

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