Wednesday, July 15, 2009

Remembering Old Times - urban couple

Copyright © 2009 Linda Apple
"Sharing Moments"

oil on1.5" deep canvas - 8"x8 "

This couple on a bench are caught in the moment.
Possibly remembering an event of their past.
I think hats are coming back in style...........
(but again they choose the white socks!)

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Gwen Bell said...

Love the strong statement the black makes. Great composition.

Linda Apple said...

I got an email from a gal that told me that she had tears in her eyes because it reminded her SO much of her parents (who are gone)...really moving story she told....always amazes me what some people get from viewing art!
You always see a lot too!!

rups said...

it is a great picture.. the old couple share there love. in a romantic mood. great thinking by painter.