Thursday, July 09, 2009

Distinctly Siamese - cat portrait

"Distinctly Siamese"
oil on canvas -6"x8"- sold
animal portrait- dog days

Another view of the neighbor cat that spends a lot of time
sitting on a chair on my porch to pose for me!


Gwen Bell said...

What a handsome portrait! The colors in the Siamese coat aren't easy to find, but you've done a really fantastic job. Really beautiful!

Linda Apple said...

Oh this guy is such a HAM! Really funny how he will sit and stare in my window and watch me paint too!

John DeMint said...

My cats always watch me paint. There funny... Great Work!!!

Linda Apple said...

Hey John, I have heard that from people, like when they are reading or on the phone etc. but fun to hear that other artists have the same experience.......those nosey little buggers!!lol

Barbara M. said...

Hi Linda,

With one of these telling me what to do every minute of the day, I can
really appreciate the beauty of this portrait. Love the Siamese cats. This is a beautiful painting.

Take care,