Friday, April 04, 2008

The Hunters- Secret Albums and Diaries of AppleTree Hollow

Copyright © 2008 Linda Apple
"The Hunters" oil on canvas- 6"x 8"
Appletree Hollow series#3
Willard & Bert (from left to right) Willard was known to be very bashful and so loved nature that he never managed to shoot any other living creature. It was also stated that he desperately tried to start one of the first vegetarian movements but with very little success. Bert on the other hand was a very forceful young man who, by the age of 41, became a high ranking soldier in the 8th Brown Bear regiment of 1834.


Barbara Pask said...

Another winner, love it! Barb

Linda Apple said...

Hey Barbara,
Always great to hear from you....I think this will be a FUN series to do...We can all use a bit of humor, don't you think?

rick nilson said...

The hunting bears hit the bulls eye. Fun, but don't they need licenses to shoot little girls eating their oatmeal?