Tuesday, April 22, 2008

Herbert Adams - Secret Diaries of Appletree Hollow

Copyright © 2008 Linda Apple
"The Photographer"
  sold 6"x 8"

A painting A Day - Surreal art,fantasy,figurative

#4 of Appletree Hollow
"After reading for hours, in the first diary of Appletree Hollow,
this past weekend, I decided that before I continue on about its
residents, I should reveal one who, without his dedication,
the images of Appletree Hollow could not be seen today.

I am speaking about Herbert Adams, pictured above in the early
winter of 1816.
Herbert immigrated from England in 1815 and
became renowned for documenting Appletree Hollow for many years.
He was a traveling photographer who worked on his floating studio
located on the "Water Nymph" showboat that cruised the Ohio River.
He photographed thousands of residents of Southern Ohio and
West Virginia, documenting living conditions and family life in
Appalachia. From what information I have gathered so far, is that
he appeared to be a very talented but sad sort of fellow,
which I must say I do find to be a bit odd, since it also said he
met and photographed many melodrama and vaudeville types."

This is a fantasy story with paintings, if you want to read
the beginning of the story, click here

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