Wednesday, October 17, 2007

"Viewing Somali " - SOLD
Painting A Day - October 17, 2007
Oil on canvas - 8"x 8"
contemporary fine art - art museum, figurative

"I went to the Art Museum to see an exhibit titled-
"Stories of Somali Diaspora": Photographs by Abdi Roble.
An amazing collection of photos. These women were just
two out of many that were very moved by the power of
these photos


Doris Joa said...

That is an absolutely wonderful painting. Love the red and green and also the rest. Beautiful work.

Linda Apple said...

Hey Doris,
Glad you like this one. I also like the red and green. I wanted to add a splash of color to contrast the sienna photos and background.
Love your stuff too, by the way!
Thanks for stoppong by and leaving a word or two.