Friday, October 12, 2007

Persian Cat - "Crookshanks " - SOLD

Painting A Day - October 12, 2007
Oil on canvas - 8"x 8"
contemporary fine art - animal art,cat portrait,Persian

"Lately I have been inspired by the Harry Potter stories.
When I read the
books, I would often get my own visions
of the characters,
beasts and pets.
This is my rendition of
Hermione's cat, "Crookshanks".
A fabulous orange
I always have thought that cats are all about the eyes!"


k. Madison Moore said...

You are too much with these cats....WONDERFUL! Just Wonderful Linda.

k. Madison Moore said...

PS My husband Dominic loves them too!

linda said...

Hey there K.Madison!
Yeah, they are toooooooooooo much ...LOL. Thanks for letting me know you like them.....(and the hubby too!)I am sure you can tell that I am really having fun with them...
Thanks again, Linda

k. Madison Moore said...

I had to leave another comment because your kitties are just too cute..wonderful, great work....I will have to have you portrait all of my 6 kitties someday. "Never" have I been so impressed with any artist that does cats like I am with yours.

Kris said...

Love the cats! Have been studying the brushstrokes & techniques you used to do the fur. Amazing!