Friday, August 31, 2007

"Just Being a Boy" - SOLD
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Painting A Day - August 31, 2007
Collectible Fine Art Still Life
Oil on gessoed canvas 6"x 6"

"While I was painting this old pair of shoes I found
myself having visions of my dad helping his father
on an old wagon delivering ice, running around
getting into mischief and just being a boy. I guess
that's why I love old things, I think they say a lot.


Anonymous said...

Alvin said...

The shoes. They look so ready to be worn! Good stuff!

Hi Linda! We started this online themed art exhibit: and posted one of your works there!
See if you can find it!

While you're at it, browse around and hope to see you around!


linda said...

linda said...

Hi there Alvin,
Glad you found me! Thanks for the comments. These were some old shoes that my dad wore when he was a kid. After he passed, I just couldn't throw them out. I think it is amazing that they were even kept all those years. Thanks again, Linda