Thursday, August 30, 2007

"Granny Smith"

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Painting A Day - August 30, 2007
Collectible Original Altered Art
4"x 6" in frame (5"x7") - sold

"I have something a little different today.
My granddaughter, from Massachusetts and I
were able to have a creative day together, so I
introduced her to altered art. This is the one
I finished and she also completed a piece to be
proud of. To top it all off...we had a great time!"


Lisa said...

Linda, I love this piece. I think it is great you are doing this stuff with your granddaughter. Lisa

linda said...

Hi Lisa,
That is usually the kind of thing we do if I have her for the day...its just that its rare we get the alone time. Was lots of fun and her piece was really great.
Glad you like this one.