Sunday, February 24, 2013

Baby Chihuahua farm landscape animal dog portrait

Copyright © 2013 Linda Apple

 "Down on the Farm"  - sold
oil on canvas - 9"x 12" 
contemporary dog portrait

 Had fun with this idea for a baby Chihuahua that lives on a farm. 
A funny thing happened after I finished this painting. 
I put it against a wall in my living room and after a while
my little dog noticed and began to growl and bark at it.
 It really made me I guess I did a good job on this one :)

 All paintings have sides painted black and come ready to hang.


Randall Cogburn said...

Lol, nice Chihuahua painting. "Linda, may I have my Taquito please? Thank you Linda your so kind."


Linda Apple said...

Hey Randall,

They have sold out! Only have a few Tacos left :)
Nice to hear from ya.