Tuesday, January 01, 2013

Ozzie dog portrait

Copyright © 2013 Linda Apple

oil on canvas
8"x 10"

This was one of the Xmas paintings that I did.
It was commissioned as a Xmas present.
I didn't have much to work with (photos) but
the client loved it and thought it looked just like him.
I think it is one of my favorite dog portraits.

If you have a favorite 4 legged friend and would like
your own portrait, just get in touch!


Dana Cooper said...

Ozzie is fabulous Linda, I love your choice of background color too!

Linda Apple said...

Thanks Dana! Glad you enjoyed this one. I think it may be one of my fav dog portraits.

Kikiblanca said...

Hi Linda,

I think this portrait is especially nice. Love how you captured the expression.