Sunday, July 24, 2011

Squirrel Away - realism animal art oil painting

 Copyright © 2011 Linda Apple

"Squirrel Away" - sold
6"x8"-oil on canvas

Are you one of those people that stash away your things or
maybe work hard to be prepared? Well, this little guy
is already squirreling away for the winter.

I have a friend in Tasmania who has wild rabbits
running around everywhere and here on the opposite side
of the Ohio....I have squirrels!! :)


Anonymous said...

Hi there,

What a lovely little squirrel! Tasmanians probably can't believe we have such wonderful creatures running all around. Unfortunately, rabbits in Tasmania are a major ecological threat--they strip the land bare of food and native species starve. They arrived at the pleasure of hunters, as did foxes, more than a hundred years ago. Now both rabbits and foxes have squeezed out many native animals. It's really sad.

Anonymous here

Anonymous said...

It's strange, though, that squirrels never poppped up all over the world (as ships crossed the ocean). Wonder why that is?

Linda Apple said...

hey Anonymous,
You are absolutely correct on your Tasmanian info. When my friend was here this past April we talked about their rabbits. There are some areas (I think it may be England) that a different squirrel species (which might have been an american squirrel)invaded and their natural squirrel species is in danger. I have a LOT of these little fur balls running around my place. Could be the big walnut tree in my back yard! :))