Wednesday, May 04, 2011

Wilber and Friend - OOAK sculpture

Copyright © 2011 Linda Apple

"Wiber and Friend"
Approx. 11" high x 5.5" wide
OOAK Fantasy sculpture

Here is little Wilber with his new best friend,Emily.
Wilber rescued the baby chick at the nearby farm
of Phineas Butterbee after seeing him take the chicks
mother away. They quickly became fast friends.

rabbit head hands and feet - paperclay
cloth stuffed body w/wire armature
cotton shirt
linen pants
whiskers - brush hairs
baby chick - needle felted mohair
all hand sewn and painted

Click here - Available
on ETSY!!!


Virginia Floyd said...

How fun! You have many talents!

Linda Apple said...

Hey Virginia,
BIG THANKS!!!!! Glad you enjoyed the bunny!
Hugs, Linda