Thursday, November 18, 2010

LILY POND - contemporary waterscape

Copyright © 2010 Linda Apple

"Lily Pond" - sold
24"x24"-oil on canvas

A lily pond at a local park.
I think this is the first time I have ever painted a
lily pond and I really liked my result. It has quickly
become a favorite of mine.


Dana Cooper said...

This is really beautiful Linda, I can see why it is a favorite!

RUDHI - Chance said...

Really beautiful! But for what are the two 'underpaintig'-circles right down in the water? Stones fallen in?

Linda Apple said...

Hey Dana, Big thanks!!Glad you enjoyed it!

Linda Apple said...

Wow, you really looked at the details! Actually there are 3 circles... they are little ripples from fish coming to the surface.
Glad you enjoyed it! :)

RUDHI - Chance said...

Yah, its a wonderful balance to the lilies!

Karen Martin Sampson said...

This is absolutely beautiful! A very different take on the subject of water lilies in a pond, which I have seen quite a number of recently. Most of them are lovely but typical and a bit boring...yours has a unique composition and I love your colours.

Linda Apple said...

Hi Karen,
Wow, what great compliments! So glad you enjoyed my lily pond. I really enjoyed doing it as a 24x24....but after it was done, I thought it would be great as a 36x36! Oh well! THANKS!!! :)

Gwen Bell said...

This is so beautiful and serene. Really lovely work!

Anonymous said...

I was confused by the circles, too. Glad you thought to catch those! Little things too often get overlooked, but they are what they are and they're part of the scene!

Linda Apple said...

Thanks for stopping by and commenting! I loved painting this one.
Have a great turkey day! :)