Thursday, June 10, 2010

Bicycle Art - "Two Bits"

 Copyright © 2010 Linda Apple
"Two Bits"
oil on canvas
- sold

This was a really fun and interesting commission!
When she was little,visiting her grandfather,he would often
give her two quarters and say, "Here's your two bits".
So, in honor of her grandfather after his passing and to raise
money to fight Diabetes,she started a bike riding group and
named it TWO BITS.
She wanted a painting,for her home, that depicted more than
one bike and quarters in the wheels but she also wanted to be
able to have the image on their shirts.
This is what I created! Hope you enjoy it!!! :)


Linda Popple said...

You are so clever and so creative, Linda! I love your painting and the story behind it. Well done!!

Anonymous said...

Really good! So creative, so well executed and... so special. Well done!