Thursday, May 10, 2007

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" Sunday Ride " - sold
Painting A Day - Collectible Fine Art Still Life
Original Oil on Wood Panel 6"x 8"

"This is a small tin toy that belongs to a friend
that I really enjoy. I have always thought it would
be fun to ride in one of these with the side car."


Gerald Schwartz said...

Hello Linda,
I really like you skill in handling your medium and your composition, couple that and subject, you have some wonderful work

linda said...

Hi Gerald,
Thanks a lot for the compliment...Always good to hear comments about the work...Keeps me on my toes. Linda

ming said...

this painting made me smile

linda said...

Hi there Ming,
Makes me smile too!
glad you enjoy it.

David R. Darrow said...

This is such an excellent painting! you do great work!

linda said...

Hey David,
Thanks for looking in. I appreciate your comments...Hope you stop by again!

aquabot said...

Fantastic!!!! I really liked it. My son saw it and he said cool. I thought your other paintings were beautiful. I do watercolors. My son is going to make me a web page. Mine aren't as good as yours. God bless and keep up the good work.

linda said...

Hi aquabot,
Gee, thanks! Yeah, that's me alright, COOL! Oops,He meant the Glad you stopped by. Let me know when you get a site. I'll visit. Linda